Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Bachelorette Finale Part 2


In the spirit of frivolous good times may I just share that tonight's finale of the Bachelorette was epic. Every season the host promises “this is an ending like you’ve never seen before!” He wasn’t kidding. This morning I received this text from my partner in crime Sherri Cassara :”Good morning! I am so excited for tonight!!
Come over as early as you can. Since we will be eating - come hungry! And I have all the previous key scenes you have missed “marked” in case you would like to recap a little before the show starts (some of the breakups and home date scenes).
I would say anytime after 6:30 would be fab.”
Thank you Sherri. We laugh, we cringe, we transform into two crazy teenage girls when we watch this train wreck together. Life should always have this kind of fun!



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