Friday, September 23, 2022

Mike's 70th Birthday Weekend Celebration Part 1

Our daughters gifted Mike with a 70th birthday getaway weekend to a cabin in Lake Arrowhead.   Here are some pictures from Friday September 23.

 We left home at 9:00 a.m.

It was a clear, beautiful morning and we arrived in 1 1/2 hours

We started with a short hike


We checked in at noon to our airbnb cabin. 



 It was a beautiful, spacious home



 with 4 bedrooms


  2 baths a fully equipped kitchen 



 and a lovely two level patio. 

After we unpacked we went to lunch, did some window shopping at a vintage store and bought ice cream for dessert tonight. 

We returned home and Jocelyn and Vicente arrived around 2:30.

We sat around the kitchen table and munched on snacks and the great chocolate chip cookies Jocelyn had baked. 

We tried to hike from our cabin to the Arrowhead village but there was only a private gated path


 so we turned around and got the car and drove an easy 5 minutes to the shops at the lake side.




We went to some shops and found a wonderful fossil, rocks and gem store called Jurassic Fossils.  

This was a great store for both Mike and Vicente. Lots of wonderful bones, gems, rocks, minerals and fossils. 
We had a lengthy interesting talk with one of the owners and when she found out it was Mike's birthday she gave him a special gift. It was a genuine indian Arrowhead made by the Piute tribe.
He was thrilled.


 We returned home, relaxed and prepared the birthday dinner for Mike. Everyone helped out in the kitchen.  I said "this is like the movie The Big Chill."  Jocelyn said "more like the Little Chill". It was fun to be with each other in the kitchen.





After dinner we all relaxed

 and then we celebrated Mike's birthday with 
his favorite Rhubarb Pie


There were cards and gifts to be opened

End of a great first day in the mountains.  Happy Birthday Mike!


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