Wednesday, January 25, 2023

A Day Out With My Sister



Had a great time with my sister. I asked her to wear "Topo Gigio" and she texted me "Ok EDDIE" (that's an inside joke but translated it was Topo Gigio talking to Ed Sullivan.) Maybe it's one of those times when you had to be there for it to be meaningful or funny. Anyway we ate lunch at the newly opened Alder and Sage coffee bar/restaurant on 4th and Cherry. It was formerly a preschool so there's dining in a big open indoor space and also dining on the side and back where there once was a play yard. It's a nice design. The owner closed down the very popular neighborhood "Portfolio Cafe on 4th street" and has re opened in the same neighborhood under Alder and Sage. After lunch we walked and shopped on Retro Row vintage shops on 4th. I hadn't been there in several years and lots of places closed and replaced by new ones. We had to stop in the Assistance League of Long Beach vintage shop where many of my friends volunteer. Great that two of them were working today Lynda Dowlen and Kathy Robinson. It was a fun day and Jocelyn, Topo Gigio and I had a great time together.



Yayy Lynda was working at the Assistance league

Very cool shop. Joanna is the owner.

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