Thursday, June 8, 2023

A Visit to Rose Hills With the Family


Today I gathered with my siblings Randy Yamadera and Jocelyn Yamadera Cassano, my sister in law Barb, nephew Kevin and brother in law Vicente Cassano to visit my parents grave site at Rose Hills Cemetery. We bring brooms and buckets and granite polish, flowers and weeding tools when we visit. They are buried close to other family members so it's a bit of an old family reunion. As we often do when we speak of our parents we reminisce about things they did or said, my moms funny sayings "Tempest Fuget" "Tick a Lock" and other Ruth-isms. We talked about my dads salsa recipe and all the good times we had as children. Very close by is a branch of "El Tepeyac" Mexican restaurant. The original on Evergreen avenue in East Los Angeles was close to our childhood home. So it was appropriate and nostalgic for us to go to the newer version close to the cemetery. There we ordered various burritos including the famous "Hollenbeck". All in all a wonderful family gathering and a nice morning spent with mom and dad and other dear family members who have passed onto a greater adventure.  




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