Thursday, February 22, 2024

Crystal Cove

 On one of the few days it didn’t rain I visited the charming historic beach town of Crystal Cove. From the 1920’s to 1960’s families would return each summer to rent cabanas and cottages for the summer months. These cottages are being renovated and are being rented as renovations are completed . You can park off of Pacific Coast highway at Crystal cove state beach pay $15.00 for an all day pass. Take a shuttle bus from the parking lot for $2.00 and ride a short way to the beach. There is a nice “Beachcomber” cafe where you can get breakfast, lunch or dinner (reservations recommended especially during the summer) also on pch a popular “ Shake shack”. If you don’t want to take the shuttle you can normally walk from parking lot through a tunnel under the highway to the beach. Closed during the rainy times. Mike and I have taken the bus from Long Beach to Crystal Cove and then hiked from pch cliffs above the beach down to the sands. There are various hiking paths. It’s very pretty.

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