Saturday, February 10, 2024

Mike and Me : A Valentine Memory


It was just before Valentine's day in 1975 that I mentioned to a young 22 year old graduate student at UCLA that I was going to be baking heart shaped Valentine cookies for some of the staff and students in the Physics department. He told me that he liked to bake too so I invited him to come over to my apartment and bake cookies with me. We had a lot of fun that night. A few weeks later he invited me and another student over to his place for dinner. He cooked a great italian meal. I remember he was wearing a cute little orange knitted cap over his long hair. He was so funny and nice and the food was fantastic.
Often when Valentine's day nears, I think back on that night when I baked heart shaped cookies with that long haired guy named Mike, whom several years later I married.
It's a nice Valentine's memory.

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