Monday, February 12, 2024

Happy Birthday to My Friend Yael on Valentine's Day Soon

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Yael Bentovim Burkes. (far left in photo). I first met Yael in graduate school at UCLA. We were both in the Design department (fiber arts). She was dynamic, strong and had a fire in her demeanor. I was so drawn to her and we became inseparably good friends. We had first met briefly in the Spring of 1971 and that June I took my first trip to Europe. Ironically as I stepped off the train in Victoria station the very first person I saw in that London station was Yael and her boyfriend Joey. Just as normal as seeing someone next door we looked at each other and I said "Hi Yael!" My cousins that I was traveling with had just finished telling another girl "Barb knows someone everywhere she goes." Then that chance encounter with Yael happened. My cousins looked at that girl and said "See what we mean!" I always think of Valentine's day and Yael's birthday as being synonymous. What a profound joy to wish Yael, my life long friend, a very Happy 80th  Birthday! 

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