Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 3 More Family Arrives

We were excited and anxious as our daughter Aria, son in law Daniele and grand-daughter Sofia were scheduled to arrive on Monday March 13th. Also our nephew J and his wife Celina and their son Rex were also scheduled to arrive. Both of their flights were delayed because of weather problems across the country.  Eventually that day and evening everyone's flights arrived though many changes and delays ensued. 

 Sofia arrived after many hours of travel.  Her grandpa greeted her with lots of bubbles which she loved.

 Sofia loved exploring her new surroundings

 That night we gathered at a local restaurant to celebrate our niece Dani's 23rd birthday.

 Lucy's 93 year old sister our adorable and wonderful Aunt Fifi sat next to Mary

Lots of wonderful appetizers and wine

 Many different pizzas to share

 Aunt Linda and Dani  brought Sofia a wonderful assortment of little farm animals.

While we were having dinner the snow began falling
After dinner we all gathered at home to continue celebrating Dani's birthday. She received some funny

It was such a nice time to be together and our nephew J and his family joined us just in time for cake.

 We watched the farewell video Mike made for his mom Lucy. A beautiful tribute to her life.

 We sang Happy Birthday to Dani!

 Another great night and all the family has safely arrived in town.

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