Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 4 and 5 Family Togetherness and the Big Snow Storm.

Lucy's wishes were that after passing her remains would be placed together with her husbands. Our mission on Tuesday March 14th were to honor her wishes as a family.   However a big snow storm  hit that day and deterred us.  We were able to postpone the burial until Thursday when we hoped the weather would be more forgiving. It was a quiet day and evening on the 14th and 15th

 Sofia wakes up to a very snowy day...

 Mike and Rex shoveled snow.

 Mike had made a lot of food just as his mother would have done when she was alive.

The family all ate together   

 Sofia continued to enjoy her surroundings and all the attention from family

Just like the old days everyone gathered to eat and talk around the kitchen table

 That night of the 14th many of the family went to the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game.

   On the 15th day 5 it was a better day. Snow was falling less and many of the family went shopping at the West side Market and touring.  I stayed home and had fun with Sofia.  I wore her out apparently as she napped quite soundly.

In the evening we continued to enjoy old family photos and letters. 

 Mike's parents wedding photos were beautiful to see

 Mike's parents with their first born daughter Coni.
 Lucy seated next to her mother and above her two sisters.
The entire Costanzo family: Standing L-R  Dan, Frank, Joe, Carl, Angie
Seated L-R Father Antonio, Mother Concetta, Fifi, Lucy holding first grandchild Coni

 A wonderful time with family. Evenings full of nostalgia and thoughts of Lucy and Nate, lives well lived.

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