Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Festival of Authors- Long Beach Convention Center March 4, 2017

My cousins Pati (from Vermont),  Nancy,   my sister Jocelyn,   friend Tracyand my sister in law Barb all met up at the Literary Women's annual all day Festival of Authors to hear seven women authors speak on the writing process and their journey as author's.

 We are most always 2nd in line meeting up with a women named Susan and her friend who are almost always first in line.  We've all become good "literary women" friends.

The line grows longer and longer

 Coffee and pastries helps pass the time in line
 The grand ballroom is set up for 700 guests
 Books for sale feature the speakers of the day

 We had just been talking about a recently released movie entitled "Table 19" which is about a wedding and the problem of where to put all the odd guests. You place them at Table 19 and look at the table we got!

It was a day filled with interesting authors. Especially loved listening to Lily King author of Euphoria a loosely based historical novel on anthropologist Margaret Mead, which my book club had read.

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