Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Los Angeles Travel Convention

 On Sunday February 16th Mike and I took the metro to downtown L.A. to the Convention center to see the Travel Show.

 We had been given free tickets from my slowtravel friends Kathy and Charley Wood (European Experiences). They lead small group tours to France, Italy, and England.

  and our slowtravel friend Shannon Essa owner and operator of 
Grapehops Tours (small group tours to Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Spain).  

These three lead wonderful small group tours. I highly recommend taking a trip with any of them for a great time and fun travel experiences.  

We had a fun time wandering around the big convention center and talking to different vendors about many travel opportunities.

 We stopped to listen to Rick Steves talk about travel.

 We had fun at the channel 4 booth. Here we are as the new judges on "TheVoice".

 Met this nice channel 4 newsman Michael Brownlee

Almost rode a camel but the lines were too long! 

 Bumped into another slowtravel friend Kathy at the convention center

Time to leave for the rest of our days adventure.

Union station

The gold line takes us to East Los Angeles

Riding over the freeway and past the Japanese History Museum
exit the gold line at Indiana Street

Walk on 1st street to The Mercado (el Mercado 3425 E. 1st. Street Los Angeles, 90063)
This is authentic neighborhood shopping 

We bought two different kinds of mole but there are dozens of choices

Time to eat!

Mike loves his menudo.The waiter asked if he wanted it with or without "The foot".  Of course "With the foot!" he said. 



 My dish of choice, green chile pork

 A really fun day riding the rails and exploring L.A. once again.

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