Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Day Exploring Food Options In Gardena California

Mike took the day off April 8th so we attended to errands in the a.m. and then decided to give equal time to our heritage by exploring Italian/Japanese cuisine We headed to Gardena and meant to check out the "Eatalian Cafe"    but we got sidetracked at "Giuliano's Deli which we had never been to so we had fun shopping and decided to try the big sub sandwich plus some spicy soppressata, some fresh ricotta and some dry cured olives. We grabbed a table outside and had our lunch in the sunshine. We don't know this area well but as it turns out it is just a few blocks from the Gardena Buddhist church where we danced at the Obon festival last August. Then we headed to the nearby Japanese big market formerly owned by Mitsuwa now owned by Tokyo Central. If we hadn't eaten lunch already we could have filled our tummies with lots of yummy looking food here. A fun day exploring the endless possibilities of greater Los Angeles area.

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