Friday, March 1, 2024

Bathroom Remodel Day 12

New silouette window shades hung in both bathrooms.

Tuesday April 10, 2012, Charlie, Abel and Leonardo arrived about 9:00 and left at 4:00. Charlie and I went to Lowes to return the medicine cabinet and look at crown molding. We bought 2 additional knobs. When he arrived I had told him we changed our minds about the medicine cabinet. He thought that was a mistake but no problem returning. We also discussed changing the placement of the wall socket to the right of the mirror. I asked for some additional extra marble pieces to be cut and polished. Tomorrow will probably be the last day as things are almost done.

Marble counter top and sink installed

Mirror framed and hung,

Marble at foot of shower

Light switch rerouted to far right wall.

Closet doors in.

Tile grouted sealed, cabinets in with doors.

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