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Bathroom Remodel Day 2

Tuesday March 27, 2012 Fernando and Charlie arrived about 8:00 a.m. Fernando redirected the pipes to connect at the wall rather than come up from the floor.

They arrived with the two windows, one for each bathroom.

They had this floor underlayment

They piled boxes in the living room filled with the components for the front bathroom cabinet.

Fernanco installed the window

He covered up the wall with drywall. While he did this Charlie and I went to the tile store to meet up with Rene the salesperson. We ordered the porcelain tile. (upper tile in photo)

Charlie and I went to Lowes to look at doors for the hallway and bathroom. When I got backhome after lunch I got a call around 12:15 from Rene saying the tile we wanted was out of stock and the vendor did not intend to reorder. I called Charlie and we met up at the tile store. After regrouping and finding no suitable tile CI got a refund and Charlie and I met up at Lowes.

There we found the bottom tile and decided to use it for the bathrooms only. We will look for other tile for the kitchen later.

Meanwhile the bathrooms has been drywalled where needed and patched up. Charlie goes to buy the three doors needed for the bathroom and hallway.

Windows installed

Fernando widens the door frame for the new door.

They left at 4:00 PM

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