Friday, March 1, 2024

Bathroom remodel Day 3

Three door replaced the old wooden hall closet and front bathroom doors.

Wednesday March 28, 2012- 3rd day. Charlie and Leonardo arrived around 9:45 am. They brought with them the floor tile and three doors. Charlie went out mid-day to Lowe's town center and was able to find the bullnose trim for the floor trim which matched the marble patter porcelain tile. I paid Charlie $933.00 cash for the white bathroom cabinet, two bathroom windows and the piece of marble. Leonardo framed the front bathroom door.

He sanded and trimmed the door to fit.

He hung the door.

He put in the back bathroom window

He framed the front bathroom window

He puttied over nail heads . Charlie also starting laying the tile in various patterns for me to choose and he also found the bullnose trim for the matching tile.

Both windows done. Charlie and Leonardo left at 3:30PM

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