Friday, April 17, 2020

A Case of Apples and Oranges and Love

"Larry and I are like an old married couple now. We take each other for granted, don’t really pay much attention, but we still need to reach out and experience the other on a semi-regular basis. If he doesn’t come in on time, I worry. If I am not awake early enough, he’s concerned. It only takes a stroke of his fur to ground me. Food seems to do it for him. He’s not sure why there are 22 apples and 15 oranges in the table. I understand the randomness of supply.
I hate breaking quarantine, but I have to occasionally. My car battery has gone flat because of disuse. My brain is flat, too, for the same reason. I’m just lucky I have 22 apples and 15 oranges." 

-J. Greenwood

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