Tuesday, April 7, 2020


My husband the forager gathered dandelion greens before he mowed our back yard. He air fried them with olive oil and salt and said they were fine. I’m not there yet but he’s a happy character.

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Others chimed in with their thoughts:
Edward:  Jacques Pepin just made a dandelion salad the other day this week and posted the video on FB.

I grew up eating them. My mom would go out to the fields & get them. She boiled them & then we drank the broth with lemon, salt & pepper.

Valerie from Basilicata: 
I see a a lady forage them in the soccer field below every summer. They say dandelion is very good for you. Never tried them myself. I would imagine they are like a cicoria taste.

Judith from Italy: 
My mother made them. They’re fairly bitter, even if you change the water a couple of times. I like lambs quarters and wild mustard better. Nothing beats fiddleheads though. I don’t suppose I’ll ever have them again.

Julia from Italy: 
I like them boiled and sauteed with garlic... But I prefer to mix them with mustard greens, old man's beard tips, nettle and a few others whose names I don't know in English.
They are also delicious as a ravioli filling with plenty of ricotta and parmesan.

Cousin Dan Costanzo: 
Does Mike make the pumpkin flower pancakes as well? Dad loved them and had Mom make them every summer

Cindy from Arizona: 
My mama nonna would take a walk around our neighborhood and pick dandelions from people’s yards. My mom would make my oldest sister accompany her so she could ask permission. Mortifying at the time but family lore now.

That’s so funny! We were just on a walk yesterday and saw dandelions growing. I told the family about dandelion salad people used to eat & the kids thought I was crazy. (Arlo said he’d like to try it)

You can eat every type of plant ... some of them just once.

I remember people making Dandelion Wine when I was growing up in rural New York ....

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