Thursday, April 9, 2020

No Hip Surgery for Me Today

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Today was supposed to be my hip surgery day on this “stay at home be safe week”. I was thinking last night my daughter Aria would have arrived yesterday and by now we would have been at the hospital. She had so thoughtfully insisted she be with me like she was for my first hip replacement. Anyway that’s all in the past now and I’m relieved not to be concerned about that at the moment. This wasn’t meant to be. We’ve finished the cute doggie puzzle thanks to Jenny.  Now I’ve pulled out the two puzzles my friend Deborah  sent me long ago to do during my surgery recovery. Thank you to everyone for all the puzzles given long before. Mike who is being extra germ conscious does not want me bringing in any more borrowed puzzles so for the time being keep yours. I tried to convince him that it was okay but he didn’t go for it. Anyway hunkering down on a rainy day. Be well and safe.

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 Finished the next day April 11th. 

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