Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Positive Thoughts Along This Journey 2020

A Brilliant Tribe by Tristan Ahumada

"When we take the time to step back and analyze our lives to reconstruct how we got to where we are, we can see that our actions are patterns based on our habits and choices that we made and less as RANDOM ACTS in our lives.
In Hemmingway's book, "The Old Man and the Sea" you have "man vs. nature", but there is a secondary conflict in the book which is "man vs. self". You can even say that our current situation in the world is very similar to the book. We are currently facing a virus that some would consider to be part of nature, but the other battle we are all facing is the battle inside of our minds. The consistent back and forth that goes on inside of our heads with our emotions and our psychology. 
We can control how we think, how we react, and the actions we take. It all begins with our mind! We must strengthen our minds because that will determine the outcome of our future. 
Some people call it grit, others call it resilience, and yet anything we face that challenges us will require mental toughness.  It will require us to recreate our minds to fight back harder, to fight back smarter, to change our approach.  It's like Walt Disney said, "Progress is impossible without change" that's right! We adapt and grow! We fail and progress! 
We are able to  tell stories about when the world stopped and you took the time to slow down to really work on yourself or you will look back and realized you missed an opportunity for growth. 
Now is the time to get to know yourself better. Now is the time to realize that your life is only a reflection of every purposeful thing you have done in the past. Each action you took in your past is a purposeful reaction to everything that has happened to you. You got yourself to where you are, now it's your time to get yourself to the next level. 
Life isn't as random as you think...you are more purposeful than that!
Now is when you take control of your life and show up everyday stronger than the previous day! 
One of my favorite quotes from "the Old Man and the Sea" is "let him think that I am more man than I am and I will be so " This line sums up the mind set we need to have right now. It's time to rise up to the challenge!"

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